Mangere Fashions

About Us

Greetings to all of you. Here is a brief history of Mangere Fashions.

Mangere Fashions has been operating from Mangere Town Centre located in Mangere, Auckland for the past 23 years.

We specialist in Polynesian clothing for men, women and children.We specialise in selling Polynesian clothing such as puletasi’s (ladies pairs) for women and girls. We also sell island shirts i.e. Faitanga for men and children. Island Shirts for men and boys, island fabrics and t.shirts. Our t.shirt range is one of the best in Auckland. We sell t.shirts with logos from Samoa, Tonga, Niue, New Zealand and Cook Islands.

We also specialist in group orders. We can manufacture for you puletasi’s, island shirts and t.shirts according to your requirements. These orders could be for church occasions, weddings, reunions or any other special occasions. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries. Mangere Fashions has become very popular with its local clientele and customers from outside

Auckland and overseas. Please do feel free to contact us or better still, do visit us. We look forward

To hearing from you soon.



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